We are rediscovering what Hippocrates knew back in the age of Pericles: The food that you eat is your first and best medicine. Nutrition Management regulates the food you eat to nourish your cells in order to create healthy organs that are able to resist and repel acute infections as well as chronic disease and cancer.

So giving your body the best whole foods and supplements is an essential part of the health equation. This is challenging enough to do on a regular basis. But there is a bigger part to this health equation. In order for the food that you eat to have the ability to nourish your cells, your body must also be able to digest, absorb and metabolize the nutrients and properly excrete the toxic materials produced.

Now here’s the part where many of us, even when we adopt a healthy diet, come up short. For a variety of reasons, often related to past diet and lifestyle choices not to mention patent medicines (antibiotics, antacids and proton pump inhibitors) our systems are out of whack. When that happens, simply changing our diet does not always create the health we want. Often times, we must address the digestion, absorption and metabolism involved to make sure that the nutrients that you eat are able to reach and nourish your cells.

At Integrative Medical Centers we will evaluate and determine any alterations needed to assist your body’s processing of the foods that you eat.

We will also address your diet and come up with a customized nutrition plan so that you begin feeding your body in a way that supports your health.

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