Dr. Hawkins had his life change when he was injured when he was a teenager while wrestling. After seeing an orthopedist that told him he needed surgery, he eventually saw a chiropractor that took x-rays of his lower back after the injury and told him that he was in so much pain because his spine was putting pressure on his nervous system. By lining up the spine removing the pressure on your nerves allowing your body to function better and thus heal. Over the next few weeks he went in for adjustments. This was life changing and geared his path toward being a chiropractor because they were the only ones able to get him out of pain without surgery or medication.

After College he attended Life Chiropractic College in Hayward, CA where he received his doctorate of chiropractic in 1999. After graduation, Dr. Hawkins traveling with other chiropractors to Cusco, Peru to give chiropractic care to thousands who could not afford it otherwise. He also worked in Spain before beginning to practice in Florida in 2003. In 2009, Dr. Hawkins was the team chiropractor for the American LeMan’s 12 hours of Sebring race. In 2010, Dr. Hawkins moved to Palm Beach County and has been serving the community ever since.

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