Tina Discepola, MD is now practicing Functional Medicine at Integrative Medical Centers in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – June 10, 2019 – PRLog — Tina Discepola, MD, a functional medicine physician specializing in both preventive health, and treatment of acute or chronic conditions, will begin seeing patients at Integrative Medical Centers (IMC), Fort Lauderdale, FL on Monday, June 10, 2019.

Dr. Discepola is a board certified physician and acupuncturist who has been a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine for over 20 years. As a progressive health specialist, she offers her patients a pathway to optimal hormone health, gut health, anti-aging, nutrition, and more by using holistic, science-based solutions to effectively address the root cause of dis-ease in the body.

In her 20+ years as a physician, functional medical doctor and acupuncturist, Dr. Discepola has found that the most effective way to facilitate long-term health for her patients is through three key wellness pillars.

  1. Finding the root cause of disease or dysfunction in the body through in-depth testing and detailed discussions.
  2. Treating each patient with a customized plan that leverages plant-based nutrition and holistic treatments first, and medication second.
  3. Empowering each patient to become her own health expert by helping her tune into the useful signals of her unique body.

Dr. Discepola summarizes her approach, “I have developed an effective way to correct health issues that leverages the insight of science along with the ancient wisdom of alternative therapies so that true healing and transformation can occur.”

“We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Discepola to the IMC team,” stated Dr John DeLuca, IMC Medical Director. “IMC’s mission is to help all of our patients improve their quality of life, achieve their wellness goals, and heal their bodies in order to live the best life possible. Dr. Discepola shares that mission.”

Integrative Medical Center is now accepting appointments for Dr. Tina Discepola. Call 954-306-6497 for more information, or visit the clinic in person at 3079 East Commercial Blvd, Suite 201, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308.

Sharon Ford,
Email: integrativemedcenters@gmail.com

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